Stone postcards

This artwork consists of two linked sculptures marking different access points into the Mourne Mountains at Trassey Road and at Slieve Croob. They suggest a framed landscape, like a postcard, but they are also have weight and solidity referencing the built landscape, individual houses or buildings in the Mourne landscape. Both sculptures use Mourne granite, cut in thick slabs and assembled vertically to create different layers of landscape with horizon lines specific to each location. Each sculpture has etched and shaped stainless steel inserts highlighting important aspects of the flora and fauna of the surrounding landscape. Openings or windows within the slabs of granite provide a frame on the landscape and also suggest the windows of old houses and farmsteads. The sculpture at Slieve Croob also connects to the source of the River Lagan.
Granite and etched stainless steel.
1 x 1 x 2 metres
Trassey Road, Mourne Mountains, Co.Down