Gateway was commissioned by Crest Nicholson and the project was curated by Perspective Art in Architecture, London. Gateway is a site specific sculpture that celebrates the historical and modern importance of the city of Southampton as a major trading port. The sculpture connects with the city as a place for world trade and also connects with the industrial heritage of Centenary Quay as an important location for ship building. The form of the sculpture represents a section of a sphere or globe and it can also be read from certain viewpoints as suggesting the prow of a ship. This form sweeps down from a narrow top section and widens at ground level, echoing the flow and geography of the River Itchen and its progress to the open sea. The top surface carries a selection of model boats based on the trade and movement of ships into and out of Southampton from the past to the present, and includes the Titanic. The boats illustrate the importance of Southampton’s maritime trade. The sides of the sculpture extend the world geography of maps and locations sailing East and West with the inclusion of land forms and ocean currents. These patterns extend from the top section where southern England is illustrated and the location of Southampton is reinforced by the inclusion of a selection of model buildings depicting thecity from the past to the present day.
280 x 90 x 340 cm (L x W x H)
Centenary Quay, Southampton.